The close vision camera is helpful to merchants

There are many merchants on the road. There is a big traffic always on the road. The shop owner is not able to identify a customer, because all the people are passing the shop, only a few of them are viewing the shop and sales programs. A few of them entering to the shop, and they are just checking the price of the home appliance, the shop owner never guess a person entered would be buying but a normal customer is arriving to the shop, from the good cctv camera system shop owner identifies the old customer he is providing warm welcome to that customer. The customer is happy for receiving him at the entrance of the shop. The customer is surprised about the owner’s action. The owner is able to understand that customer only because of the close circuit camera vision. At the same time, the camera identifies unauthorized person entries to the shop. A third person cannot enter to the shop, only real buyer can enter to the shop and he could purchase the product. Same time, any product is missing and he is stealing a product means, it could be identified and it could be reported to the police department. There are many advantages from the close circuit camera.

In case, there is a group clash on the road and people are throwing stones on all shops mean, this could be identified easily by the police department through the close video and the police could be able to arrest the culprits easily. The placed products on the shop would be safe because, each product is covered with the close vision. This is the reason shop owners are buying the close circuit camera and installing at the entrance of the shop, and in the inside of the shop all over the place. In case, any salesman is picking some product and takes the product to his home means, this could be identified easily. The shop owner can adjust the money from his salary amount. All these are possible once the close cameras on all objects are covered. In general the close circuit camera is helping the merchants to do the business without any fear. The camera installed in the outside and in the inside is a tight security for the shop owners. The shop owners are quite happy about their arrangements. Even if the owner is outside he could watch the shop and dictate the salespersons what to do and what not to do. He could convey all his needs after watching the vision on his mobile phone.

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