Pros and cons of plank flooring

Most house owners choose wood flooring due number of valid reasons. No doubt it is slightly on the expensive side but hard wood flooring provides comfort and warmth to every room. There is no doubt some disadvantages with hardwood flooring it is easily susceptible to damage in addition to stain, scratches and many more if not handled with extreme care. House owners need to maintain it the best possible way and make sure it is cleaned on a regular basis. Good Vinyl Plank Flooring in Singapore is the latest and new type of flooring which has number of advantages of hardwood floor. Moreover it is available on discounted prices. Vinyl plank floors no doubt have added advantages when compared to hardwood floors. This makes it any attractive alternative for house owners who prefer classic wood floor look without any headaches and irritations in addition to high price tags.

Number of varieties to choose fromĀ 

Vinyl plank flooring is available in different variety. Hence it is very helpful for the house owners to select the grain size which matches with the choice of wood which has been preferred by the house owners. The icing on the cake is this is available in different shades which correspond to cherry, oak, maple and many more. But the house owners make sure they get it from Well Known Wood Supplier Singapore to ensure they get the best quality and not any substandard ones. The quality is so good that it would difficult to differentiate them with wood flooring. The main reason for most of the house owners to run behind this particular flooring may be because of its attractive prices. The cost of this flooring is as low as 1 to 4$/sq foot. In addition to the cost the other added advantage is this kind of flooring is highly long lasting and at the same water resistant. Hence this can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Apart from all these this flooring is resistive to cracking and scratching which is always found with other natural floors.

Some disadvantages of Vinyl flooring

House owners need to be aware of the bitter side of vinyl flooring as well. This kind of flooring is not as thick as the natural wooden planks hence the house owners need to add sub-flooring at time of installation. House owners need to exercise caution at the time of cleaning vinyl flooring. If the right kind of solvents and cleaners are not used it would spoil this flooring. Hence the house owners need to be very careful.

Cleaning house is not that difficult

Many house owners are of the opinion that keeping house clean is difficult. The main reason most of them give is lack of time due to long working hours. Hence it makes sense to hire Well Known Home Cleaning Services who will help in taking care of the homes as most of the house owners are pre occupied.

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